When I treat you, I focus on your predominant ailment. However many patients also report an improved sense of general well-being.

After our consultation i will chose points on your body to needle. There are over 300 points on the body which run along pathways often referred to as meridians.

Sometimes I use 10 or more needles,other times, it can be as little as 4-6 – it all depends on what is right for you.

Most needles are then left in place between 20 and 30 minutes, while others just ‘in and out’ within a few seconds. Insertion is mostly pain free as the needles are only a fraction of the size of the needles you are familiar with from your GP surgery.

part of the acupuncture treatment, I may at times use different treatment modalities, such as…


Cupping involves the use of glass cups which create suction over an area of the skin to increase blood circulation in the area, great for sore backs,tight muscles and a host of other aches and pains, including the common cold!

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Guasha uses the methodical Meridian-Scraping-Therapy-Gua-Sha-For-Chronic-Pain1_ft.jpgapplication of pressure and stimulation of the skin using a round-edged instrument, which results in the appearance of small red or purple spots (petechiae) called ‘sha’. The effect is similar to that of a scrape but the skin is not damaged in any way and the redness fades in a few days.

The technique is used to move QI and/or blood stagnation, which is considered to be the main cause of pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. It can promotes blood circulation and releases tension.


Moxa is a herb similar to mugwort (artemesia vulgaris) which is burned over acupuncture points to warm them during treatment. This is an incredibly soothing treatment, designed to invigorate chosen points on the body. Many find that Moxa has been effective in the treatment of muscular skeletal pain and arthritic complaints.