Gu Qi is the Energy( qi ) we derive from food

Nourishing the Spleen

“The Doctor of the future will give no medicines, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the causes of disease”
Thomas Edison

Being in charge of transforming and transporting our food energy (Qi), the Spleen likes to feel satisfied after eating. Think of the happy glow you have after eating a home cooked meal which has been prepared with time and care.
A well-nourished Spleen gives us the feel good factor.
In Chinese medicine the Spleen is said to be nourished by sweet food. Not cakes and biscuits and other such delights but the sweetness which is found in grains or root vegetables.
Home cooked stews or thick soups are generally great for nourishing the Spleen and easy on the digestion.
Here are some ‘please try to ‘ and some ‘might be good to avoids’.
Please try to :
• Chew your food – it helps the Spleen to digest and helps warm chilled or raw food before being send further on its digestive journey
• Just eat! – Try to do nothing else ( work, read, stand , drive , go on social media…) when eating a meal.
This will help you eat more consciously, ie taking your time to chew your food properly ( as explained above), encouraging your digestive system to signal to you when you are full. Besides it will give you time to be in the moment and breathe properly, this means less stress 
• Include aromatic foods – In the form of herbs and spices, this will help to stimulate digestion. Avoiding the Spleen functions to become stagnant.
• It is said that the Spleen likes orange/yellow foods, like squashes, red lentils or carrots , these are energetically resonant with the Spleen functions.
• Have warm / room temperature food… it’s just easier to digest

Might be good to avoid:

• The obvious ones, – opposites to the ‘Please try to ‘ !
• Cold/Raw foods-
• Too much fluid at meal time – instead take small sips and drink in between meals
• Excessive worrying about stuff, this will zap the Spleen of vital energy (Qi)

Foods to try and boost your Spleen energies
• Rice, Sweet potato, Oats, Spelt,
• Pumpkin, Carrot, Lentils, Chestnut, Chickpeas, Yam, Corn
• Dates, Figs, Cherries,
• String Beans, Broad Beans
• Chicken, Herring, lamb, Mackerel, Duck

Liquorice is sweet and harmonising in nature and is an excellent Spleen Qi tonic, great as a tea.
Jasmine tea is helpful when sipped with meals and royal jelly can be used as a supplement.


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